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Digital Signal Processing

Dr. Shaila D. Apte

The scope of the book has been increased to cover the syllabi of DSP course all over India and to enhance the practical guidance in the book by including the MATLAB programs for teachers teaching the subject for the first time. The efforts are made to enhance the scope of the book to its fullest possible extent by and to include large number of MATLAB programs for the benefit of the reader. The book is intended to provide rigorous treatment of DSP at undergraduate level and will serve as a textbook for undergraduate studies and is designed to provide solid foundation for specialized courses in DSP.


Speech and Audio Processing

Dr. Shaila D. Apte

Speech and Audio Processing is a text targeted towards the final year undergraduate Speech Processing course and PG students in ECE, CS, and IT streams. This book aims at explaining the basic concepts in a clear-cut and simplified manner. It begins with the human speech production mechanism and then goes on to the fundamental parameters of speech such as pitch frequency, formants, spectral features like log spectrum, 3-D spectrogram, cepstral features, MFCC, linear prediction coefficients, transform-domain parameters, template matching techniques, etc.


Advanced Digital Signal Processing

Dr. Shaila D. Apte

The book is systematically designed to provide rigorous treatment of Advanced Digital Signal Processing. It is a student-friendly book rich in technical contents. It contains advanced techniques in Digital Signal Processing that are self-explanatory, with lots of practical examples for speech and image processing. This book aims to create solid foundation for specialized courses in signal processing for B Tech and M Tech students. The results of number of practical experiments are included for giving motivation and guidelines to the students. 


Signals and Systems

Dr. Shaila D. Apte

This book provides a rigorous treatment of deterministic and random signals. It offers detailed information on topics including random signals, system modelling and system analysis. System analysis in frequency domain using Fourier transform and Laplace transform is explained with theory and numerical problems. The advanced techniques used for signal processing, especially for speech and image processing, are discussed. The properties of continuous time and discrete time signals are explained with a number of numerical problems. The physical significance of different properties is explained using real-life examples. To aid understanding, concept check questions, review questions, a summary of important concepts, and frequently asked questions are included. 


Random Signal Processing

Dr. Shaila D. Apte

The book is designed to cater to a wide audience starting from the undergraduates (electronics, electrical, instrumentation, computer, and telecommunication engineering) to the researchers working in the pertinent fields. This book covers random signals and random processes along with estimation of probability density function, estimation of energy spectral density and power spectral density. The properties of random processes and signal modelling are discussed with basic communication theory estimation and detection. MATLAB simulations are included for each concept with output of the program with case studies and project ideas.

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