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   Products Under Development

  • Signature Verification

  • Signature verification is a form of identity verification.

  • It works by determining whether a person's signature is genuine according to past iterations.

  • The signature or its image is fed into a signature verification software and compared to the image on file.

Image by Alexander Grey
  • Document Analysis And Verification

  • It contains signature verification too.

  • It has facility to measure small and capital alphabets size in question document, no. Of connected letters, slant of the letters, writer verification, indivisual word verification.

  • Image analysis and image authentication

  • Image authentication is the technology of verifying image origin, integrity and authenticity.

  • It has all types of filters for image processing, visual inspection facility, jpeg double compression detection using different methods, image manipulation detection using methods such as ela, DCT, Fourier, jpeg ghost, histogram methods.

speech analytics.jpg
  • Layered Voice Analysis

  • It does training on the fly. Detects ring and music and silence parts and isolates those.

  • Can detect emotions like happy, angry, sad, fear, surprize, stress, aggression etc.

  • Can detect percent of each emotion and can draw emotion diamond based on percent of emotions detected.

  • Generates a csv file containing emotion for each 5 sec of audio and emotion statistics

Video Editors
  • Video analysis and video authentication

  • It has all facilities of image analysis and image authentication.

  • It has facility for video tracking and video processing to capture required frames.

  • Video frames can be analyzed further for any manipulation and tampering and finding the evidence for any crime.

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