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Call Audit and Speech Analytics

This product is specially designed for call centre applications. The system uses speech to text for getting transcription. In case of mono audio, speaker diarization system is also integrated to separate speaker talks. Emotion detection system is used to extract emotion of agent if aggressive? The converted text is analysed further to check is the agent is calling as per the script provided. The system can generate a score for the agent and do sentiment analysis for client to see if the client is satisfied.

salient features of the system:

  1. Can find agent score and the rate of speech and if aggressive to client.

  2. Client readiness for the call from client’s emotion while talking

  3. Complete call audit for a batch of calls

  4. Dash board for analysis

  5. Facility to provide analytics in the form of json file for all calls

  6. Facility for further classification based on scores

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